How will the process work?

  • Once you have chosen your desired package, one of our producers will give you a call to discuss the project further.
  • You send us a script/idea for a video
  • We give the script a once over and help you pick a suitable creator
  • The script moves into production.
    • This will either be storyboarding (detailed planning) for an animation, or filming for a live action video.
  • The first draft of the video is sent over to you. You then work with the producer on edits until you are 100% happy.
  • Once we get the sign off, the video (and IP) is all yours to use however and wherever you want!


How will payment work?

You pay 100% up front, and you will get the video when you are 100% happy.  We hold the money during production until the video is signed off, so the editor/creator will not get paid until the job is done to your complete satisfaction.

There are no overheads during the production process unlike many production companies/agencies, so you can rest assured that this is the only money you will pay.


90 sec explainer video (Animated)

This package includes:

  • Script support
  • Storyboarding
  • A wide range of animation styles for you to choose from
  • Animation and edits
  • Music (stock) and voiceover
  • Dedicated Wooshii producer


Wooshii price $5,300

FI Founders Price $3,975



This package includes:

  • Conceptualisation & planning support
  • 1 day live filming in any global city
  • Editing
  • Company branding, idents & on-screen graphics
  • Music (stock)
  • Dedicated Wooshii producer


Wooshii price $5,000

FI Founders Price $3,750